Dallas is one of the cities of Texas, U.S. It situated at the bank of the Trinity River.  Dallas is the third populous city of state after San Antonio and Houston. Its winter is mild with a cold snap, but summers are very hot with high humidity.

The city of Dallas is a home of different communities, neighborhoods and many areas. The city is divided into three parts:

1. Central Dallas
2. East Dallas
3. South Dallas


Summers are very hot and humid. July-August are the hottest months, with an average 36°C and 25°C is the low one.

Winters are cool to mild, with cold spells. January is the coldest month with an average of 14° C. 


There are two airports in Dallas Love and DFW. Love is centrally located in Dallas. It’s a headquarter of Southwest. Southwest has pretty cheap flights. 

Most of the flight fly from DFW airport.  


Dallas is known for it’s shopping. There are so many malls, boutiques and upscale locations where you go shopping. 

Dallas is called “Prison Ministry Capital of the World”.

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