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A Little About Dallas

Nevertheless, Dallas is a popular destination in North Texas. It is the main cultural and commercial hub located in this very region. This is also a highly historic venue as the Downtown’s sixth-floor museum at Dealey Plaza showcases respect to John F. Kennedy’s assassination that took place in 1963. Above all, They also celebrate art and culture at Dallas. So, contact ibookair and find the best airline deals and cheap flights to this mesmerizing city in Texas!


The Most Popular Flights that Fly to Dallas

Hence, there are many flights that fly to Dallas – These include Qatar Airways, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Flights, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines and some more. Thus, to book reasonable flight airline deals with the above flight's contact ibookair


The Best Time to Visit Dallas

Altogether, One is ideally suggested to visit Dallas between Septemeber and November. This is mainly because the temperature is not very hot and the tourist traffic dies down by this time. Also, more importantly, the Texas fair is at its peak between September and November. Thus, more reasons to go now!

Hence, the months between March and May are also pleasant to visit Dallas. At this point of time, there are flowers blooming making Dallas look absolutely stunning and beautiful. However, the hotel deals may be very high and expensive at this moment

Thus, to note – February is the cheapest time to visit Dallas. To book cheap flights and make flight reservations to Dallas contact ibookair


The Best Places to Stay in Dallas

Hence, there are a couple of places that show up when one wants to know the best places to stay in. These vary from what kind of a holiday one is looking at. Thus, give it a good read

In case it is your very first visit to Dallas then you should stay Downtown

If one is on a budget then stay at Deep Ellum

Best places for nightlife is again Deep Ellum

The coolest places to stay in Dallas is the Bishop Arts District. Hence, book now!

Altogether, and finally if one is looking for the best neighborhood for families then uptown is the place!

One can always find themselves getting cozy at Deep Ellum Hostel. This place is surmounted by bars, clubs and other sources of nightlife!

We also suggest The Statler hotel which is located downtown. This is a lavish area surrounded by top-notch restaurants, highly-priced bars, and best shops! This is considered to be the best hotel in Dallas!


Food Culture in Dallas

The food is Dallas is just breathtaking and they provide a variety. Nevertheless, they are also budgeted. Some best places to eat on your first-time visit would be:

Velvet Taco –  The Ahi Poke taco is the thing to try here! It is fresh, raw, tangy and a favorite of many

Slow Bone – The pork ribs here is absolutely stunning and once eaten, one will go on craving for more and more and more!

The Porch – Now one is looking to relish on breathtaking desserts, then this is the place to be! Here one can taste the delectable gooey butter cake. It is a butterscotch ice cream that melts in one's mouth


Transportation in Dallas

There are ways of getting around in Dallas without the hassle and stress of parking and traffic for the tourists. The best mode is DART also known as Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

DART is inclusive of buses, light rail, and streetcar services! The Dart rail system includes the Red, Orange, Green, and Blue rail lines. These lines end up serving and going to Downtown. They also make a stop on many stations on their way.

The streetcar services is also a quick mode of travel and cover the downtown areas and other areas of the city. The M-line streetcar takes passengers to form St Paul station to the CityPlace and uptown. Apart from that It also includes many various stops on the way.

M line operates between

Monday to Thursday – 7-10

Friday – 7 to midnight

Saturday – 10 to midnight

The basic two hour pass is for $2.50 for adults. Day passes are for $5. They also have a week-long pass for $25.

Apart from Dart one can also book a cab, walk to close by areas and also cycle their way through!


The Nightlife in Dallas

In addition, Dallas also has a pretty wild nightlife, and there are various pubs and places one could go to.

The Foundry – The drinks are simple yet strong! The best reason to go here is to try from a variety of 50 beers that are served here. However, the main reason one should step here is to experience the outdoor patio. After drinking a couple of beers one can also grab a bite to eat at the Chicken Scratch which is right next door!

House of Blues Dallas –  This is a live music venue and always has some form of concert or show taking place. The food is also remarkable! One has to try the Jambalaya and Shrimps. As soon as one steps into this place they are captivated by the music playing and the live band performances. They also provide a VIP seating area!

The nightlife doesn't just stop here, there are many other places to see like the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Lizard Lounge, The Grapevine Bar and More!

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