A top-notch destination to visit, Denver is the capital of Colorado. Nonetheless, Larimer Square is the oldest block in Denver, and here one will find 19th-century buildings. Thus, Denver is enthused with Museums which include – Denver Art Museum, a complex containing indigenous works and also most importantly the mansion of Molly Brown – the famous titanic survivor. Hence, if you want to delve in culture, art and other forms of learning book your cheap air tickets with iBookiar. We provide one with economical and hassle-free vacation.


Denver as a City

Thus, book your cheap airline tickets to Denver if you want to relish their food. The cheeseburger made by Louis Ballast was the first-ever cheeseburger made in 1935. So, yes, Denver is not only popular for its food but also its historic nature and picturesque scenery!


Popular Airlines to Denver

Also, some of the popular airlines to Denver include United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa Airways, Air Canada, British Airways and more. Thus book your cheap airline tickets to Denver with iBookair and explore this city!


Best Time to Visit Denver

Thus, the best time to visit this city is from April through May and September through October. The shoulder season has comfortable temperatures, fewer tourists and low accommodation prices.

Nonetheless, most people visit Denver between June and August. The weather at this time is warm and arid. However, at this point in time, the hotel rates also peak.

Thus, book your cheap airline tickets to Denver and surmount yourself with fun, history and delicious food!


Best Places to Stay

Capitol Hill

Thus, if one is visiting Denver for the first time, then they should stay at Capitol Hill. This area is centrally located and has many attractions. Also, Here one will be devoured with history. In the streets one will find many attractions – this includes the Colorado State Capitol building, The United States Mint and Molly Brown House of Museum. Also, if one wants to stay in a budget then again this is an apt place to stay!

Lower Downtown

This is the coolest place to stay in Denver, and one can book their cheap airline tickets and explore this area! This place is the center of the action. Thus, Here one will be surrounded by cafes, restaurants, art galleries, museums, bars, and many clubs!

Also, the sports enthusiasts will love this neighborhood because of its close connection tp Coors Field. The home of Colorado Rockies Major League Basketball team.


If you plan to stay with your families, then Uptown is the place to be. Here one can delve in architecture, shops and indulge in a relaxed vibe. This is a home to many activities and a place which is well connected and can be walked on by foot. Thus, here one will find attractions like the Denver Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science and sprawling City Park.

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Best Places to Eat


Hence, Linger is one of the most popular restaurants in Denver. It is at Linger that one can catch a very good view. Is it here that one can have good progressive dinner. One should indulge in the main course here. One has to try the Wagyu sliders, topped with bacon, sour cream, cheddar and served with sweet potato waffle fries.


Tamayo is the best place to eat brunch. In fact, the view from here is great as well. Also, this restaurant does a $39 bottomless Margarita Brunch on Saturday and Sundays! This is scheduled from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

Thus, the best part about this place is that it offers a free house margarita with every lunch order Monday through Friday. One should certainly eat the spicy crab guac with wontons, roasted garlic, chile de Arbol and cilantro

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Transportation in Denver

Light Rail

This contains nine lines that serve 53 stations across downtown Denver and its suburbs. These trains run every day starting before 4 am and continue until around 2 am. Thus, fares depend on how far one travels.

Also, one-way trips within one or two zones cost $2.60 while rides to further destination cost up to $4.50. Thus, if you plan on making light rail as the primary form of transportation they try buying a book of 10 tickets or a day pass.

Hence, one day pass for travel within one or two zones cost $5.20, while access to suburban areas can cost $9. Five-day unlimited passes will be for $26 to $45.


The bus connects people all around. The one-way trips cost around $2.60 to $4.50. This will vary depending on if one is traveling a local bus or a regional bus. Again, if you want to travel by bus often then it is best to purchase a book of 10 tickets. The cost will vary from $23.50 to $40.50. Thus, prices for day passes range from $5.20 to $45


Nevertheless, a taxi is a popular way of getting around the city. One may find them easily outside a major hotel or restaurants. However, taxi fares can be very high. The meter starts ar $2.50 and each additional mile costs another $2.25 and each additional passenger adding another $1 to the total.

Thus, apart from the above modes of transport one can also walk, rent a car or ride a bike. Thus, book your cheap airline tickets to Denver!


Nightlife in Denver

Infinite Monkey

In Infinite Monkey, one can come at night and try the most sophisticated wines on the list. This is an unorthodox area, however, the food and wine are breathtaking! The ambiance is that of the ’60s and the outdoor area is spacious!


Thus, Matchbox is a popular place that attracts thick glasses and blue jeans crowd. The good part about this area is that the daily drink specials always include a beer plus a shot for only six bucks. Nonetheless, a great place to eat and drink!


Fly to Denver

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