Vibrant nightlife, restaurants with multi- cuisines from all over the world, fashion shows and concerts that is Dubai. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city of UAE. People from different backgrounds all over the world reside here. 

Due to the audacious style and bold architecture, Dubai is the largest city of United Arab Emirates’s. If you love to explore the city then you land right city, there are many places to see in Dubai and some other hidden jewels that are less well known.

Language: Arabic is the UAE’s official language. 

Currency: Dirham (Dhs). Right now Dhs 1 to USD 0.27.

Climate: Summers are extremely hot, sometimes daytime temperature over 106 degrees while at night temperature falls below 88 degrees. Winters are the best time to visit Dubai, at this time temperature between sixty and seventy degrees. 

Dress Code:  Due to the very hot condition, always pack light clothes with long sleeves and full-length bottoms.

 Note: 21 is the minimum drinking age in Dubai. You should click photo’s, but there are some places where photography is prohibited, so before clicking pics watch the signs.

Taxis: Call 04-2080808 for booking a cab. Dhs 12 is the minimum meter charge. If you go through a toll road you have to pay a Salik charge. 

(Salik: It's a automatic Dubai road toll collection system. It’s a cashless transaction.)

From the Airport:
Want to go out of the airport with zero hassle, book a Marhaba Bronze” meet and greet”. 

Bike: If you are a bike lover and want to explore Dubai through bike then you can rent a bike at a curbside station and return it when you’re done.

Public Transport: There are strict rules for public transportation. In the metro, you cannot eat or drink and even chewin gum also. Cabins are reserved for different categories, like gold class and women only. Sleeping is prohibited in stations.

Dubai Metro: Dubai has two metro lines red and green. These two metro lines cover most of the tourist areas of the city.

Tourist can buy a red NOL card which allows travel on all bus, tram and metro networks. 

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