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Thus, Read About Dubai and its Story!

Thus, Dubai belonging to the United Arab Emirates is known for shopping, scenic architecture and most importantly the nightlife. One can witness Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, and artificial islands! Many people in Dubai feel that they belong to the best part of the world and there is absolutely no place better than Dubai! Hence, what are you waiting for? Come vacation here!


Hence, the Most Popular Flights that Fly to Dubai

Thus the most popular airlines to Dubai are Etihad Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar, Middle East Airlines and more. Nevertheless, If one wants to book cheap deals and best airline flights to Dubai, contact ibookair


The Best Time to Visit Dubai

Nevertheless, the best time to visit Dubai is from November to March. We are aware that Dubai’s weather is either hot or really hot. It is during November that the weather is slightly better. However, this is considered a peak tourist season. Hence, one can escape this peak season and crowd if they are okay to visit during summer and face tremendous hot weather.

The high season is said to be June, July, and August. Thus, November is seen as the cheapest month to fly to Dubai

Of course, Dubai also has a couple of events that are going to take place in 2019.

  • Dubai International Film Festival ( dates still have to be decided)
  • Dubai Shopping Festival (dates have to be decided again)


The Best Places to Stay in Dubai

The places will differ in accordance to what the tourist is looking out for. Thus, If one wants to be surrounded by a perfect view then there are some places we can recommend

  • Staying near the Burj Khalifa
  • One can put up in Jumeirah Beach Area
  • For a good view, one can also stay in Dubai Marina Area
  • One can also stay in the Palm and hence enjoy their vacation!


Nevertheless, Apart from the Above, There are Other Factors as Well that can Determine One’s Stay

  • If you’re in Dubai for the first time then Jumeirah is the best option
  • On a budget? Then Diera is the best place
  • The Marina is the best place to be surrounded by nightlife
  • Al Quoz is the coolest place to stay in Dubai
  • Of course, if you want to be around the best neighborhood in Dubai for families then stay in Downtown Dubai


Food Culture in Dubai – Hence, Binge on!

Finding cheap flights is not the only good part of your vacation to Dubai. One can also eat delicious food here with the vast number of options

Pierchic – This place has the best seafood in Dubai. One can see the famous Burj Al Dubai at the background. People from all over are determined to come here to try the food!

Zuma – This is the best place of one wants to try Japanese food in Dubai. Here one can relish sushi, tempura, wagyu steaks, and other treats. Thus, one of the best places to visit

And of course, Buddha-Bar – Here one can try the best Asian cuisine. One can find good Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes. There is a large variety of food here, and no one will leave this place discontent.


Transportation in Dubai – Hence, the Best Ways to Travel

There are many ways by which one can travel in Dubai.  Thus, these include buses, metro, taxi, water bus, and driving.

Hence use the Buses – this is the cheapest way to travel. This mode of transport connects its passengers to all the main tourist attractions. The fares commence from DH 2. These buses run every 15 to 20 minutes except on Fridays. On Fridays the frequency is a bit low. One can also take the Big Bus sightseeing tour that takes one to all the major tourist attractions and provides live commentary.

Metro – Hence, this is the best way to move around and the system is highly efficient. It has two lines – red and green. It is very economical and connects to most tourist attractions!

Taxi – Nevertheless, these are a good way to get around Dubai. They are easily available outside malls and other tourist attractions. One will never face a dearth of taxis in Dubai! The prices start from DH 3 and increases at a rate of DH 1.60 per kilometer.

Water Bus – This is the best way to travel from Bur Dubai to Deira and the other way around. The fares range from DH 1 to DH 4. This depends on the route you take

Driving – If one wishes to hire a car in Dubai then they need to have a credit card and an International driver’s license. Thus, we do not recommend driving due to the traffic on the roads!


The Nightlife in Dubai – Nevertheless, Get Ready to Party!

Dubai is known mainly for three things: the scenic architecture, shopping and most importantly the nightlife! Thus, wear your best clothes and shoes and get ready to party!

WHITE Dubai – This is the most exclusive club in Dubai. The rooftop has a brilliant view. However, it is opened only during winter months when Dubai has cool weather. People who want to party – this is the best place to be! However, it is necessary to dress well and classy if one wants an entry. Try coming in before 12 am as one may not find space to even stand after that.

Billionaire Mansion – As the name suggests, one can party here as a billionaire. This is a remarkable aura which combines partying, drinking and delicious food! However, one has to dress well and wear your sexiest heels to fit with the crowd! 

The above is just the beginning of the list: there are many other night clubs like which include Cavalli club, People by Crystal, Cirque Le Soir, and many more. Make sure to dress well and wear high heels otherwise you may not be allowed to enter. Yes, Dubai nightlife requires one to get ready and dress for the party mode!


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