Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey. Is it right or wrong?  Yeah, it’s absolutely wrong. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and Istanbul is the cultural, economic and financial center of Turkey. It’s one of the biggest city in Turkey, and one of the largest cities in Europe.  

Want to visit Europe and Asia at the same time and at same place visit Istanbul. The eastern half of Istanbul is situated in Asia while the western half of the city is located in Europe. This makes Istanbul geographically interesting and this location is known as Bosphorus. 

The Asian side of Istanbul is residential, Beyoglu and Sultanahmet are the major attractions city’s both are located on the European side. 


March-May:  Spring is the best time to visit Istanbul. During this time crowds are thinner and the weather is moderate. At the spring season, less rainfall followed by Autumn (September-November).  

International Tulip Festivals is held in April.

June-August : From June to August is a pretty hot and humid up to 28°C. During this time prices are in peak . 

September-November : It is a time of Autumn in Istanbul, and like Spring it’s the best time to visit here. But, at this time rainfall is more than Spring season. Instanbul Festival and Akbank Jazz Festival both held in November.

December- February :  It’s the coldest and wettest season of Istanbul. Sometimes it’s getting snowy and rainy and the temperatures dropping down to 3°C/37°F. 

International  Airport :

International flights will be arriving at either Sabiha Gokcen or Ataturk. Ataturk is closer to the city center.  
In 2018 Instanbul  International Airport was inaugurated and it’s one of the biggest airports in the world with 150 million annual passengers capacity. 
Things to Remember :

1. Arriving at Istanbul you’ll need Turkish Liras (TL) for paying transportation charges or some other things. Change your currency into Turkish Liras (TL) either at the airport or you can withdraw from ATM. Took some Turkish Liras in smaller denominations (5,10,20) to pay for transportation . 

2. There are numbers of hotels in Istanbul. Take printout or screenshot with complete hotel address with a telephone number to show the taxi driver. It’ll easier to you and the driver.  

Where to stay :

For the first time, visitor Beyoglu and Sultanahmet are the two ideal places.

Beyoglu : 

Beyoglu is the home of the Istanbul popular shopping street of Istiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue) as well as  trendy clubs and bars. You can enjoy tram ride away to Sultanahmet. 

Sultanahmet :

If you are a lover of historical monuments then you must visit Sultanahmet. It’s a major tourist destination of Istanbul. 
Basilica Cistern and Hagia Sophia are the historical attractions. 

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