Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a highly popular destination known for fun and a variety of activities. Thus, if one wants to indulge in gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife – you have to visit Las Vegas!  Hence, if one is seeking for the best airline deals and cheap airfare to Las Vegas, Contact iBookair at – 1-888-898-0053. We are a platform that helps to provide a cheap and economical journey!


An Overview of Las Vegas

Thus, availing cheap airline tickets to Las Vegas is easy today due to the many travel platforms that are upcoming. If one is seeking fun and want to get away from the mundane working life – Las Vegas is the place to be! Here one can party all night and also visit the casinos! Who knows maybe you may become lucky.


Popular Airlines to Las Vegas

Thus, some of the most popular airlines to Las Vegas are United, Delta, Southwest, and JetBlue. Hence, if one is looking for cheap airline tickets to Las Vegas, contact iBookair.


Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Las Vegas is basically from March to May and from September to November. The spring and fall shoulder season is said to have moderate weather. Hence, during the winter months, there is an influx of visitors – this is especially during New Year’s Eve.

However, keep in mind – always try making a mid-week trip to Las Vegas. This is because it is a common weekend destination, and one will find more rooms at much lower rates between Tuesday and Thursday!


The Best Places to Stay

Nevertheless, contact iBookair if one is looking for cheap airline tickets to Las Vegas. There are numerous spots with respect to where one can stay.

M Resort Spa and Casino

Here one will confront constant excitement and an assortment of feasting choices which would incorporate eateries, bars, and a pastry shop! Guests are provided free parking. This hotel is quite and just minutes away from Central Las Vegas. Know more

Hyatt Place

Hyatt Place Also, here one will find free parking, a fitness center, and a shared lounge. This property is around 7 km away from Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, nine km away from City Centre Las Vegas and again nine km away from Crystal Shopping Center.

 The Cliffs at Peace Canyon

Thus, one can find here an outdoor fireplace and an entertainment area. This location has great rooms and a luxurious ambiance. Hence, this makes an ideal place for a Las Vegas getaway. Thus, if one is seeking cheap airline tickets to Las Vegas – Contact iBookair


Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas

Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

This is a three-star restaurant just off the MGM Grand casino floor. The meals here are delicious! In fact, one has to try the 12-course French cuisine which takes more than three hours and has ample caviar, sea urchin and foie gras. Thus, the best place to visit!


Also, this is a Japanese restaurant that attracts many locals and tourists. Here one has to try the Kobe beef tendon and bacon-wrapped mushrooms! One can also indulge in the noodle soup and daily specials. Hence, if you are looking for some delicious Japanese food – come visit Raku. Thus, book your cheap airline tickets and eat at Raku!


One can taste here nigiri. The dishes are simple and this place is a local star! Thus, one can taste delicious food and can sit at the counter to watch the chef doing their work and handling dishes with care!


Transportation in Las Vegas

The Monorail

Hence, It is the most efficient way to get around. The monorail arrives every four to eight minutes at seven stations. The trains keep running from 7 am to 12 PM. On Monday the rail keeps running from 7 am to 2 am. What's more, from Tuesday to Thursday the rail keeps running from 7 am to 3 am.

Riders can get a one ride pass for $5, day pass for $13, two-day pass for $23, three-day pass for $29, four-day pass for $36, five-day pass for $43 and a week pass for $56. If one is local then the Nevada residents only have to pay $1 per ride. Children who are five and under get to ride for free.

The Deuce

Nevertheless, this runs 24/7 and is a great option for those who want to party till late. The bus runs from 7 am to 2 am  every 15 minutes and from 2 am to 7 am every 20 minutes

The fare is $6 for a two-hour all-access pass and $8 for a 24-hour all-access pass. One will be charged $20 for a three-day all-access pass.


One can easily park at the casinos and there are many places which actually offer free parking. Also, there are some hotels that offer self-park, there are some which only have a valet option. Thus, while valet remembers to carry some cash on you, to tip your valet!

Ride-Sharing and Taxis

Here one can find both Uber and Lyft. The cost will depend on where you are going and when. During popular and demanding times, Uber will charge a “sugar fare”. This implies that the cost maybe two or three times more than the original one.

In such cases, Taxis may be a better option. Inns and different scenes, for the most part, have a taxi sitting tight for you when you leave. The law says that the taxi has to pick one up from a designated location. The fare will rely upon to what extent one is in the vehicle.


Nightlife in Las Vegas


This is a highly refreshing night club and the club is not your ordinary one. Hence, the dance floors are surmounted by VIP banquettes that have leather upholstery and LED video screens that end up syncing with the video. Thus, this is the place to be if one wants to dance the night away in Las Vegas!

XS Nightclub

Nevertheless, this was considered as the most expensive night clubs that were ever built. One will find here golden statues of women and expensive lighting. The dance floor is huge and allows people to dance easily. Hence, if you are in Las Vegas – do visit!


Book Your Flight to Las Vegas Now!

Hence, book your cheap airline tickets to Las Vegas and find yourself indulging in an economical trip with the aid of iBookair. Las Vegas is the perfect getaway and no one can argue that. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the journey!