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London is a highly popular and a must-visit destination. The capital of England is enthused with scenic architecture and history that reveals itself slowly. Nevertheless, London has a certain mystery that one is captivated by. Thus, to find cheap airline tickets, cheap airfare and cheap flight deals – Contact iBookair at 1-888-898-0053. This platform allows one to not only travel economically but also hassle and stress-free!


Overview of London

Thus, London being the capital of England and the United Kingdom displays history that travels back to the Roman times. Hence, at the very core of this city lies the House of Parliament, the Big Ben clock tower and the Westminster Abbey. Of Course, there are various things to see in this city and the best destination if one wants to be under the umbrella of history and beautiful architecture. cheap airline tickets


Popular Airlines to London

Hence, some of the very popular airlines to London include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch and more. Thus, if one wants to find cheap airfare tickets to London – Contact iBookair.


Hence, the best time to visit London

Nevertheless, if one wants to know what the best time is to visit London – think no more and book your tickets in March through May. At this point in time, the temperature is mild and there is greenery everywhere.

One can also find many tourists here around late spring. December is the time of holidays. A time when families get together. Thus this is a crowded time in London!

If one wants to travel cheap then September to October is the best time to find cheap airfares to London. Thus, this time can be seen and showcased at the cheapest time to visit London! cheap airline tickets

Of course, an important thing to keep in mind – it doesn’t matter what month or time one is traveling to London, it is a necessity to carry an umbrella. This city experiences rain throughout the year. Second, one will never be able to escape the London crowd as this is seen as the most popular destination in the world.


The Best Places to Stay in London When Visiting

There are many highly praised destinations where one can stay in London. Here we are going to elaborate on the different areas where one can find solace.

Central London

Thus, here one will find vast accommodation options. In fact in this area, one will just be some distance away from Westminster Abbey and the St Paul’s Cathedral. Nevertheless, if one stays in Covent Garden they can enjoy and indulge in a variety of shops, restaurants, and theatres.

North London

The hotels here are a good value for money. Here one can stay for cheap and economically. One is surrounded by the very popular Abbey Road Crossing and ZSL London Zoo. At Hampstead, one can stay in a small and cozy B&B’s and also cheap hostels! cheap airline tickets

Thus, one can also stay in a hotel at Islington. This area is renowned for its restaurants, unique bars, and the world-class theatre!

South London

In South London, one can perceive the city from a different angle altogether. A hotel in Greenwich area will be apt as it has quick and efficient transport links to Central London. At Greenwich, one will find the Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory!

Brixton is a place for people who love food. The streets are crowded by various restaurants where one will be able to relish delicious food.

One can also find accommodation in Peckham, known for its art scene and exhibitions. Nevertheless,  Here, one will also find rooftop bars and pie shops!

East London

Hence, this is a very cool and upcoming part of the city! Here one can find accommodation in various hostels and one can avail cheap options.

If one wants to be surrounded by lavish markets they stay near Brick Lane. Thus, this place is also famous and popular for street art and curry houses.

West London

Nevertheless, here one will be enthused with a varied culture. The access to Heathrow Airport and Paddington station is very accessible. One can find small and boutique hotels in Notting Hill.


Best Places to Eat in London

Thus, London is not only about sightseeing, but the food and culture as well.

Flour and Grape

This is a classy yet affordable place to eat. Here one is known for an Italian menu – one is served fresh pasta dishes and small sharing plates. Thus, an apt place for those who want to eat in luxury without spending too much.

Half Cup, Kings Cross

This is a small and cute coffee house. It was known to be a hidden gem, but over the past year, it has gained tremendous popularity and people from all over come to eat brunch here! Nevertheless, this place is not only about the taste but also about the presentation.

Snaps and Rye, Notting Hill

This is the place to be, especially if one is seeking generous portions of food. Here one will be served smoked haddock kedgeree and the signature rye rarebit (a slice of traditional Danish rye bread covered in a cheesy mustard sauce)


How to Roam Around London and the Transportation

Of course, there are many ways by which one can travel in London. Below we are going to provide one with a few options:

Hence, one can take a Taxi or even Uber. However, these can be very expensive, and we would recommend it only if one is traveling late at night and is very exhausted

The Public Transport System here is very good! It’s very safe and works well. However, one should keep in mind that not all tube stations have an elevator, and thus one may have to drag their suitcases up the stairs

One may need to buy an Oyster Card to use the buses and tube. One can get these for $ 5 in multiple tube stations or even the airport

Nevertheless, if one wants to visit many attractions then they can get a London Pass. This pass gives one access to London’s top attractions!

Hence, one can use the underground ( Tube), the overground, DLR ( Docklands Light Railway), Rail services, A bus, Taxi’s, bicycles and even walk it!


The Nightlife in London

Thus, the nightlife in London is quite happening and people would find nice crowds at the night venues.

Trailer Happiness

Here the concept is to go back to the ’70s and relive that era. The ambiance is very retro and the staff serves alcohol that cannot be matched by any other bar.  The bartenders have also put up fire shows at times, leaving the audience stunned and in awe. By the end of the night, one will find many people on the dance floor.


This place is just mesmerizing! The ambiance is great and well take one's breath away.  One will find here the fashionable crowd and charming men mingling with one another over electronic music and sipping delicious cocktails! cheap airline tickets

Nevertheless, one has to check out the bathrooms – they are displayed as egg pods that have been borrowed by another universe’s art gallery.

Union Chapel

Thus, this is a unique place which adopts a unique attitude and aura. Union Chapel is a nonconformist church that is visibly eclectic and has an open invitation to all! The ambiance is gothic and is seen as a quirky venue. All the profits go to maintaining this building.


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