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Of course, Los Angeles is a popular destination to take a vacation. Here one will be mesmerized and stunned with what the city has to offer. Nevertheless, it is the closest to Hollywood that one can get. Thus, if you’re looking for cheap airline tickets, best flight deals, cheap airfares, and best airline deals to Los Angeles Contact ibookair at 1-888-898-0053. Hence, we are a platform that aids to make travel cheap and economical.


A Short Story About Los Angeles

Thus, this is a popular Southern California City. Hence, the best part is that Los Angeles is located right at the center of the Film and Television industry! One can take behind the scene tours of Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. Sounds exciting right? This is a vacation apt if one wants to find celebrities walking on the streets of Los Angeles! Thus, book deals now!


Also, the Popular Flights to Los  Angeles

Some of the popular flights to Los Angeles are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, Volaris , Frontier Airlines and more! Hence, book now. Thus, to book the best airline tickets, good flight deals, and cheap air tickets to Los Angeles Contact ibookair.


The Best Time to Visit Los Angeles

Nevertheless, the best time to visit this Hollywood city is from March to May and from September to November. At this point, the city is less crowded and one can move around easily. Also, the temperature around this time is from 50s to 80’s – thus making it cool to walk around the city and indulge in sightseeing.The cheapest time to visit this city is in January, February, and September. During these months people will come across the cheapest deals.


The Best Places to Stay in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills

Of course, this is a major attraction for tourists and the entertainment industry. If one is interested in designer retail stores and streets enthused with mansion and palm trees, this is the place to be! Many tourists find themselves peeking inside the luxurious boutiques in the hope that they’d get a glimpse of some celebrity. Thus, come to Beverly Hills!


This is a busy area which is crowded with buildings, busy streets and industrial warehouses. Here one will come across mixed cultures ranging from professional businessmen to hipsters. Nevertheless, the bars, hotel, and restaurants are emerging every now and then. It has venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the Coliseum situated at the University of Southern California


With the aid of ibookair and the cheap airline tickets it provides, one can roam around Hollywood! Tourists come here to see and take a sense of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre and to get a glimpse of the famous Hollywood sign up. Thus, if one likes to party then one is at the perfect place.


Malibu reminds one of the French Riveria, while one thinks that Malibu looks like Southern California with vast beaches and allowing one to play football. Here one will find many people just relaxing on the beach and sometimes even surfing! Around the Pacific Coast Highway one will find restaurants enthused with visitors and locals from all strata of the society. Thus, if you want to relax then come here!

West Hollywood

West Hollywood is known to be popular for LGBT communities. A progressive area where people are open about their sexuality. Many producers, directors, writers, and actors call this place their home. If one is interested in boutique shopping, vintage clothing, and fitness studios – this is the place to be!

Hence, one can also experience here many clubs, music venues, hotels, and flashing lights!


The Best Places to Eat in Los Angeles


Nevertheless, this is a popular place for people of LA to visit. Gjusta is only a few blocks away from the beach. The ambiance is big and always busy. Also, because the food is so good – many have to wait in line and take food once their number is announced. This can be quite hectic, but as soon as the food is served – one will forget all about the wait and relish the delicious food!

Pho 79

The soup bowls here are just marvelous and no one can match up to the taste here! The broth has a pinch of cinnamon and it is so rich that the soup will just melt in one’s mouth. However, make sure to take cash as this place is cash only. Also, get ready to wait in the line!

Sun Nong Dan

This is not only a beautiful place to look at but also very tasty when it comes to food. Thus, one can binge on the spicy stewed short ribs, rice cakes, and even vegetables with cheese and mozzarella. This place is open twenty-four hours a day. Hence, one can be out partying and come gobble some delicious food around 2:00 am here!

The above is just a start there are many other food joints as well like Elite restaurant, Union, Hinano café, and quality seafood!


Transportation in Los Angeles

Use the Metro

Nevertheless, the metro is a good and cheap way to travel. It can take one through Hollywood, to downtown or to even the Long Beach. This is best if one wants to save money and time! The metro base fare is $1.75. There are no tickets but TAP Cards for all trains. Fares should be put into the TAP Card and then while traveling one can tap the card on the box at each station.

Take the Bus

Thus, buses are yet again a cheap way to travel. They have the same fares as the metro. Nevertheless, unlike the train – buses travel to all parts of the city. Once a person gets on to the bus, they are required to pay by cash or with a metro token pass.

Ride a Bicycle

One can also be adventurous and ride a cycle in this city. Riders should be at least 16 years or older. The fare is $1.75 for 30 minutes of use and one can pay by TAP. Those who ride the bike more than 30 minutes have to give more fare. Passes can be utilized and are available for 24 hours of access, 30 day and 365 days. Hence, a cheap way to travel.

Apart from the above one can also travel cheap by taking shared taxis, and opting for electronic scooters and bikes!


The Nightlife in Los Angeles

The Echo

This is considered one of the best night clubs here! It has some unique punk rock shows which are very popular among the masses. Part-Time Punks take place every Monday night and Funky Sole happens on Saturday nights! The club is opened from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am, thus allowing on to enjoy the night scene.

The Satellite

This place is famous on Saturdays – people are on the dance floor with a lot of Indie pop hits. This club is pretty affordable and yet fun! Here one gets to see free shows and get drunk on cheap yet lavish drinks. The crowd here is unique and young and this place is crowded from 8:30 pm to 2:00 am! Hence, come here and enjoy the night.

Nomad Rooftop Bar

This place is great for people who want to have a nice drink, sit down and just relax. Here one will find great view and scenery. The food is also quite great here. One will find here an elegant crowd that likes to unwind and relax.

Nevertheless, there are many other nightclubs in Los Angeles which include – Skybar, Blue Palms Brewhouse, The Comedy Store, Magic Castle and more!


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