Know About Miami

If one wants to bathe in white sand beaches and witness the country’s biggest skiing clubs, then Miami is the place to be! Thus, if one feels like spending their time relaxing on the beach – call iBookair at 1-888-898-0053. We aim to make your travel economical and budgeted.


Miami as a City

Thus, this very city is popular for being the cultural, economic and financial canter of South Florida. There are many diverse things to do here. From exploring the beaches to sightseeing, to tasting relish food. Nonetheless, Miami is the sixth most populated city in the US. Hence, if one wants to find cheap airfare to Miami contact iBookair.


Popular Airlines that Go to Miami

Hence, some of the very popular airlines to Miami are American Airlines, LATAM Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, Cathay Pacific and many more.

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Best Time to Visit Miami

Also, as per much study and research, the best time to visit Miami is between March and May. Also, this is the time when the weather is suitable and gorgeous! Nonetheless, visiting in the spring allows one to avoid the peak rates during winters.

The cheapest time to visit Miami in September. Thus, book your cheap airfare to Miami today!


Best places to stay in Miami

South Beach

Thus, as soon as one hears Miami – they think of South Beach! This is Miami’s biggest tourist spot where one can just sit on the beaches and enjoy their mojitos. Nonetheless, one will also witness here a nightlife scene that cannot be compared by any other. Thus, book cheap airfare now and delve in South Beach!

Downtown Miami

Nonetheless, Initially, this place was empty. However, today this place gives off a different vibe altogether. Here one will find many restaurants, nightlife and much more! Downtown also has an outdoor amphitheater and museums. Downtown is an unpredictable area where one will always be surprised!

Miami Beach

Thus, Miami Beach today is said to have some of the most popular hotels and some very good restaurants. Locals have come to love this area as well. In fact, this area holds some of the most major events. Hence, book your cheap airfare to Miami now!

Little Havana

Nonetheless, this place is best known for Cuban American neighborhood in the country. This area has a history – it was formed in 1960 with the entering of Cuban refugees escaping the castor’s regime. Havana’s original architecture such as historic bungalows, mission revival blocks and oolitic limestone facades is still preserved.


This area can feel more Manhattan than Miami. Brickell is one of the city’s most growing areas. This area is vibrant and brand new! Many things are being built here – such as towering condos and office buildings. Nonetheless, many bars, restaurants, and hotels are also poring into Brickell.


Best places to eat in Miami

A.C’s Icees

Nonetheless, AC is the man and he runs the ice truck. One will find here ices, hotdogs, snacks, drinks, and even apparels! The Pina Coladas are the best here. Book cheap airfare with iBookair and fly down to Icees.


Here one can taste healthy bowls. However apart from just bowls one can taste here fresh juices, wellness shots, and glutton free snacks and meals! Hence, one of the nicest places to try the food.


Nevertheless, one can try here the pork buns, their salads, Brussel sprouts or even their desserts – they will not be disappointed. The food here is absolutely remarkable and great.


Transportation in Miami

So, you’ve booked a cheap airfare to Miami and are now wondering how to roam around in this city. There are various ways to commute


Thus, buses are a feasible way to travel. Nonetheless, they keep coming and going every couple of minutes. The cost per bus trip is $2.25. make sure to carry cash as no cards are accepted!


Thus, if one is looking to ride to Coral Gables, Coconut Grove or South Miami – Metrorail will get one from the center to the suburbs for $5 ( round trip). The Metrorail is limited and thus one may have to carry their ride on a trolley or metro mover.


Nonetheless for those who want to stay in Miami Beach, Edgewater or Downtown – Uber is very cheap. There are plenty of Ubers around this area. In fact, we suggest you take a Uber as it is very good around here, except for the rush hour timings – at this time the fares are higher.

Apart from the above one can also rent a car, use the trolley or even take the  Metromover!


Nightlife in Miami

1-800 – Lucky

If one is looking to start their week with a bang then the above place is the best to party on a Monday! One can start at 8:00 pm and go on till 3:00 am. This is free entry and one doesn’t have to pay to get it!


If one wants to part on Tuesday’s then Wall is the place. One can spot here superstars like Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Justin Bieber! There is free entry for hotel guests and ladies, otherwise, there is a cover which varies from $20 to $50.

Hyde Beach

This is the perfect place to party on a Sunday! Also, here one will find champagne showers, nitrogen blasts, house music! One should make reservations beforehand as this place can get quite crowded and the waiting can take hours.

Nevertheless, apart from the above three, there are many other places like Ball and Chain, Baoli Miami, The Anderson, Komodo Lounge and more!

Fly to Miami

Thus, don’t wait anymore and book your cheap airfare and best airline deals to Miami with iBookair. We aim to make travel economical, budgeted and memorable. Do remember to click many pictures and enjoy every moment!