Seattle is a destination that many people are attempting to visit.  Surrounded by greenery and calmness – this is a popular and top destination in one’s to-do list. Thus, if one is looking to find cheap airline tickets, best flight deals and cheap airfare then contact iBookair at 1-888-898-0053.


Seattle as a City

Hence, availing cheap flight tickets is just the first step. Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains, and evergreen forests and has acres and acres of parkland. This is a destination that is the core of the technology industry. Thus, if one wants to explore the culture and architecture Seattle is the place to be.


Thus, Popular Airlines to Seattle

There are a few popular airlines to Seattle. These include United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines and more. Hence, if one wants to get cheap flight tickets to Seattle, Contact iBookair.


The Best Time to Visit

If one wants to book cheap flight tickets, then they should also know the best time to fly down to Seattle. As per many studies, it has been recommended that Seattle is best to visit from July to mid-October. During this period there are sunny skies, less rain and a lot of festivals and events to visit. From mid-October to February one will find Seattle chilly and wet.

This time is great to visit museums, restaurants, and the Pike Place Market. If one is looking to book at the cheapest time, then May is the apt month.


The Best Places to Stay

Your stay in Seattle will not only depend on cheap flight tickets but also the purpose of your visit.

Queen Anne

Thus, If this is your first visit to Seattle, then we’d suggest you stay at Queen Anne. This area is a mixture of commercial hubs and residential areas. One can also see here the Space Needle, The Museum of Pop Culture, and Chihuly Garden and Glass.


Nevertheless, if one is traveling on a budget, then Belltown is the place to visit. There are many trendy shops here and one can also just sit at a bar and sip some cocktail. This neighborhood also has many nightclubs which include the Crocodile. One will also find here Z shaped Olympic Sculpture Park. 

Pioneer Square

Hence, if one is seeking good nightlife then Pioneer Square is a must-visit. This area has Romanesque Revival buildings which are enthused with lavish art galleries, coffee shops, and trendy bars. The nightlife is here is trending and most people don’t sleep on the weekends!

Capitol Hill

This is the coolest place in Seattle. Thus, this place is surmounted by trendy bars, gay clubs, and many indie stores! One has to visit Volunteer Park – it has a walking trail and the Asian Art Museum. Thus, if one is looking for something new and unconventional Capitol Hill it is!


The Best Places to Eat

The Spots

This is the best place for coffee and pastries. In this manner, purchase a cake with a hot latte, or take it alongside you and take a stroll at the Volunteer Park. This place has something for everyone. Thus, if sweets aren’t what you like then there will be an alternative here!

Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch place is known for its delicious breakfast and if you’re in Seattle – you have to come here! One will also find here homemade biscuits with fried eggs, cheddar, sausage, and country gravy. A perfect place for filling breakfast.


Nevertheless, one will find stateside the best breakfast and dinner. But if one had to choose – they should go with brunch. The delicious thing to try will be the coconut yogurt bowl. One also has to taste the lime leaf sausage, fried bao eggs Benedict. Additionally, the Vietnamese frosted espresso popsicles is an absolute necessity attempt!


Transportation in Seattle

Seattle Metro Transit Bus

Buses are cheap and can travel from the northernmost sections of Seattle, including shoreline and South Auburn.

Rent a Bike

Thus, one can rent a bike for one to three days! However, do bring your own helmet. As of 2015, one will have to pay $8 for 24 hours or $15 for three days.

Rapid Ride A-Line

This bus service is quite useful and stretches beyond downtown and can get you from one point to another very quickly. The buses electronically signal stoplights to keep them green and opting a faster commute.

Light Rail System

Thus, one can always use a light rail system. The prices start at $2. Hence, above are some of the ways by which one can roam around Seattle. There are many other ways as well as hiring a taxi, taking shared cabs and more!


Nightlife in Seattle

Trinity Nightclub

Thus, it is Seattle’s most classic club. Crowded as hell, one will find very beautiful women here. They also have an Awesome Hour on Fridays and Saturdays. This is because there is no cover and drinks cost only a buck. Nevertheless, it is situated at Pioneer Square.

Foundation Nightclub

Also, quite a trendy bar. On school nights they allow college kids to wear shorts and athletic gear and play some of the best EDM. Nevertheless, on weekends this kind of appearance is not allowed, but the music is still blasting!


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