Seoul is a perfect destination for a vacation. It is the capital of South Korea, and is a multicultured city where one will find modern skyscrapers, advanced subways, and Buddhist temples! Thus, if one is looking for some peace, solace and party time, then Seoul is a perfect combination. Approach iBookair at 1-888-898-0053 and book your cheap airline deals and best flight deals to Seoul.


Also, Seoul as a City

Thus, Seoul has many attractions like Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a convention hall with detailed architecture and a rooftop park. One will also be surrounded by pine trees out here. Hence, go ahead and book your cheap airline tickets with iBookair. Seoul is a perfect place is one is looking to spend a peaceful vacation.


Popular Airlines to Seoul

Nevertheless, Some of the most popular airlines to Seoul are Delta, American Airlines, United Airlines and more. Thus, book cheap airline tickets with one of the above through iBookair and fly to Seoul.


Best Time to Visit Seoul

Thus, March to May and September to November are the best time to visit Seoul. This is mainly so due to the mild weather and the travel expenses are low. March is also seen as the cheapest month to fly to South Korea.

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Best Places to Stay


Hence, If you’re visiting Seoul for the first time then visit Gangnam. This is the modern centre where there are many stylish clubs with popular DJ’s play techno and sound music. There are also very good dining options here, along with plenty of bars.


Nevertheless, If you’re on a budget then you should stay at Hongdae. This is a colourful area and one will find here experimental fashion – people with exquisite outfits and hairstyles! It was here that a prestigious art school called Hongik University opened.

Nonetheless, this led to a lot of artsy students and clubs, bars and night parties!


Thus, this is the coolest place to stay in Seoul. It is regarded as Seoul's busiest districts. Also, there is music playing from every store, food tents tend to sell well priced Korean goods and high skyscrapers. This is the real Seoul, and one can also chat up with the locals here! Thus, definitely one of the coolest places!

So now that we have emphasized on the various places to stay, one should book cheap airline tickets to Seoul!


Best Places to Eat


The speciality here is the gomtang. Nonetheless, this is a nutritious beef bone soup which has been made the same way since the 1930s. Here one will find only the different variations of gomtang. This restaurant has many loyal customers, and many families come here to eat their meals

Tosokchon Samgyetang

Also, Tosokchon Samgyetang is a very old restaurant and it opened three decades ago. When one comes here, they have to wait in long ques and this is especially during summers. The most popular dish here is Samgyetang. A summer dish – it mainly comprises a whole chicken stuffed with ginseng. It is a very healthy dish. Thus, book your cheap airline tickets and relish these dishes soon!


Nevertheless, One should try their jeongsik. It is rice cooked in a hot stone pot and laid out with soup and about 25 different types of side dishes. This is known as hansang – which showcases a table full of food. At the end of the meal, one pours the excess water into the stone pot and drinks it.


Transportation in Seoul


This is the most feasible and convenient way of getting around Seoul. The subway connects people to all routes and destinations. Even though you may not speak Korean you will face no problem. All announcements are made in Korean and English. Thus, the subway starts about 5:30 am in the morning and continues till midnight.

Also, It has been regarded that a base fare of just ₩1,350 ($1.27) will take one 10 kilometres along the line. One can also get T-money card or Seoul City Pass Plus. One has to simply scan the card and the subway entrance gates and the fare will be automatically deducted.

Seoul Buses

The buses can be expensive and cheap. In fact, sometimes the buses are faster than the subway. However, the buses are more difficult to figure as compared to subways for a tourist.

Also, there are the Blue Buses: they operate on the main lines within the entire city of Seoul. Single journey rides cost ₩1,300.

Nevertheless Green Buses: they do short runs between major stations and other major “blue” bus routes. Prices are the same at ₩1,300.

Thus, Yellow Buses: These Operate through the main areas of downtown Seoul. A single journey ticket costs ₩1,200.

Red Buses: These buses run to suburban destinations outside of the city limits. The Rides cost ₩2,400.

Also, the Night Buses: Regular city routes that operate at night. All night routes are prefixed with an “N.”

Seoul Taxis

As compared to other places, the taxis in Seoul are not that expensive. Seoul has mainly two types of taxis to look for

Ilban (Regular) Taxis: this is the most common taxi. They cist between ₩2,800 and ₩3,000 for the first two kilometres and ₩100 for every 144 metres (or 41 seconds) thereafter. Taxis increase the fare by about 20% after midnight!

Mobeum (Deluxe) Taxis: Thus, these are not the regular ones and are distinguished by its black colour and yellow stripe. The prices a slightly higher between - ₩3,200 and₩5,000 for the first three kilometres and ₩200 every 144 metres. These taxis are quite comfortable!

Thus, book your cheap airline tickets and explore Seoul!


Nightlife in Seoul


Nevertheless, the club has flashing lights. Many people who come here appreciate its interiors of chandeliers, velvet couches in the VIP Area and the overall lounge style. This club mainly plays hip hop music and are open from Thursday to Sunday!


This is one of the hottest clubs in Seoul at the moment. Nevertheless, this club is on the smaller side – however, hosts many big musicals. Here one will mainly here hip hop and electronic music. Also, opened from Thursday to Sunday. Nonetheless, the weekends are jampacked with people!


Fly to Seoul

Thus, find your cheap airline tickets with iBookair and fly to Seoul. Seoul is a beautiful place with many things to do and get entertained by. We at iBookair promise one an economical and memorable journey that will definitely be worthwhile!