A highly popular destination to visit, Tokyo is known for Anime, electronics, manga, and Videogames! Thus, if one is inclined towards technology and games, then book best airline deals to Tokyo only with iBookair. Many people visit here and this is a tourist attraction which is very high in demand!


Overview of Tokyo

Known for technology and gadgets, Tokyo is Japan’s capital. Nonetheless, here one will find neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. Thus, the variety is high and unmatched. This city also has ample museums which showcase classical art to exhibiting kabuki theatre. So, book your cheap air tickets to Tokyo today!


Popular Airlines to Tokyo

So before availing cheap air tickets with iBookair, one also needs to know which are the best airlines that fly to Tokyo. Thus, some of the popular airlines include Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, SAS, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airlines and more! Thus book your cheap air tickets to Hong Kong now!


Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Book your cheap air tickets taking in consideration the best time to visit Tokyo. One should visit in March, April, October, and November. Also, the weather during this time Is nice and there are no heavy rains at this point in time. One can also indulge in sightseeing, outdoor activities, and gardens.

Thus, If one is looking to save money then January and February are the best time. There are fewer tourists at this point in time. Thus, this time is seen as the cheapest to visit Tokyo.


Best Place to Stay


This area is located on the west side of the station. Nonetheless, this is seen as the city’s biggest transport hubs and it is on the Yamanote Line. One can find here many department stores, electronic shops, many restaurants, and the best book shops! Hence, book your cheap air tickets and fly down here!

Tokyo Station

Thus, Tokyo Station/Marunouchi is a great place to stay. In fact, many people consider it the best place to stay in Tokyo. One will find here the important train station and the city’s main department stores are just walking distance away. This area has many restaurants and parks!


This area consists of many offices and hotel towers. It’s a short walk away to Shumbashi Station. Thus, it's quite convenient to stay in Tokyo. This area also has some very good places to eat. Thus, book your cheap air tickets with iBookair and fly now!


It may not be a very exciting place but it is placed right on the loop line and the Tokaido Shinkansen line. Thus, it is very convenient to stay here. One will also find here several good hotels.


Best Places to Eat


Sushizanmai is considered to be one of the best and most popular restaurants! The sushi is delectable and definitely worth every penny. The sushi is priced from JPY98-498. The quality for this price is unbelievable! Thus, if one is seeking reasonable and cheap sushi that is delicious – this is the place to come! Thus, come here and try the yummy cuisine

Itamae Sushi

This is a popular destination to eat and is better than the rest. What makes it different is the Blue Fin Tuna, which people just love! One has to be on a lookout for their specials – they are extraordinary and delicious!

Sasa –no-Yuki

The signature dish here is tofu made fresh every morning using water from the shop’s very own well. One should try here tofu in a thick and sweet sauce, and sesame tofu. The vegetarians should ask before ordering any dish – it may not be vegetarian! So, book your cheap air tickets and fly to Tokyo.


Transportation in Tokyo

Trains and Subways

Nonetheless, this is an easy and feasible way of getting around. The great part is that they connect to all the major tourist attractions in Tokyo. One can use a prepaid card called Suica or Pasmo to use in trains and the subway.


They are very efficient. However, we would not suggest tourists travel by buses. Nonetheless, the buses are cheap and feasible.


Thus, This is the best and ideal way to get around. Nonetheless, even though they are lavish to ride in – they are not cheap as compared to public transport like buses and subways!

Thus, book your cheap air tickets with iBookair and fly to Tokyo!


Nightlife in Tokyo


The Japanese nightlife is very popular at Ginza. This is a lavish area and if one wants to stay away from tourists, youngsters or even expats – this the place to be! This area is more subtle where locals prefer to visit the member-only bars for peaceful drinking and deep conversations. Thus, if you’re up for something subtle and elderly – come to Ginza


Many foreigners come here and thus one can indulge in the Western lifestyle here. It’s a good place to network and make contacts. Thus, this may be considered as an elite part spot. A famous spot is the Roppongi Hills Club and V2. Thus, wait for no further and book your cheap air tickets to Tokyo now!


Fly to Tokyo with iBookiar

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