Toronto without denying is a highly populated destination with tourists. Thus, not only the tourists but the locals are in love with this city. Here one will witness many attractions like museums, galleries, and the CN Tower. Hence, planning to take a vacation and find cheap airline deals to Toronto – Contact iBookair at 1-888-898-0053.


Toronto As a City

Many people, who have managed to gain best flight deals to Toronto, always have a memorable and happy stay here! Nonetheless, this popular city is the capital of the province of Ontario. Here one can relax, delve into the greenery and see the various skyscrapers. Thus, contact iBookair and book your best flight deals to Toronto!


Popular Airlines to Toronto

Hence, there are many popular airlines to Toronto, some being Air Canada, WestJet, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and more.

Thus, get your best flight deals to Toronto and fly today to this popular destination!


Best Time to Visit Toronto

The best time to visit Toronto is from late April through May and also from mid-September to mid-October. This is mainly because during this point in time the weather is pleasant and the tourist crowd is much lesser. Hence, during these months there will also be many eateries, cultural events, and markets on the sidewalks! So, grab your best flight deals with iBookair and visit Toronto!


Best Places to Stay


If you are in Toronto for the first time, then Downtown is the best place to reside in. It is regarded as the main central business district of Toronto. Here one will foresee the largest skyscrapers. Thus, find your best flight deals and stay in this part of the city if you are new to Toronto!


If you are traveling within a budget then Chinatown is the place to stay. There are a variety of restaurants here. Thus, one will also witness here open-air markets and shops. Here one will find fresh fruits and vegetables along with some herbal medicines and great souvenirs.

West Queen West

This is seen as the coolest place in Toronto. This is a very trendy and experimental area that magnetizes and captivates artists and many hipsters to its galleries, shops and also indie boutiques. This area is pretty much popular for its offbeat street fashion and Graffiti Alley murals. Hence, find the best flight deals and become a part of this cool aura!


Best Places to Eat

Grey Gardens

Thus, one has to eat here the sweet shrimp with watermelon radishes and a Peking style duck breast. The wine in Gray Gardens is magical as well. One can come here for brunch, lunch or even dinner with their friend, families or some special person. The ambiance is vintage and quite breathtaking!


Pukka serves casual Indian cuisine such as slow-braised beef short ribs with cumin, cloves, and cardamom. One can also relish the sliced paneer with mushrooms. Hence, Here one can also try some British desserts. The wine menu is quite tasty as well


The menu Dailo has a variety of things like truffled pumpkin dumplings and jellyfish slaw. However, the main delicacy here is the whole fried trout. This is served with several sauces. One should also try their braised lamb neck with banana salad. Thus, book your best flight deals and come and pay a visit to these yummy restaurants!

Transportation in Toronto


The subway is the best way to travel easy. It runs through two main lines. The good part about a subway is that it covers the most area and is highly connected. These trains run every few minutes from 6:00 am until 1:30 am. However, on weekdays and Saturdays, they run from 8:00 am to 1:30 am on Sundays.

Hence, single rides cost CA$3.25, one can also purchase a day or week-long pass. A day pass will cost CA$12.50 and a weekly pass is CA$43.75

Buses and streetcars

Also, there are places where the Subway cannot go. In such cases, buses are the best way to travel. Buses operate from 6 am to 1 am and streetcars work 24 hours a day.


Nonetheless, it is easy to find Toronto cabs! One can find them on the streets or even outside some big hotels and restaurants. However, one should keep in mind that taxi fares can rise very quickly. Thus, taxis can be more expensive than other public transport like buses and subways

Apart from the above, one can also take a ferry, rent a car or even cycle or walk their way through. Thus book your best flight deals and fly to Toronto!


Nightlife in Toronto

Get Well

Get Well is a very famous bar on Dundas. Thus, here one will come across a variety of beers. So if you like beers and pizza then this is the place to go to! Here one can meet new people over a glass of beer and taste the delicious pizzas they have to offer

The Beaver

The Beaver is the place where queer people meet and share their sexualities. At night this place transforms into a karaoke party, dance party or drag shows! If one like to dance and get sweaty – this is the perfect place. Nonetheless, the dance floor is small but they also have a patio outside which helps one to cool down!


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