A popular destination to visit, Washington is the US capital. Here one can witness the Capitol, White House, and the Supreme Court. Thus, it has much history to reveal. It is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordering the popular states of Maryland and Virginia. Hence, if one wants to delve in history then Washington is the best place to visit. Call iBookair for best airline deals to Washington.


Washington as a City

This is an extraordinary city – where one can indulge in a variety of things. Be it the federal city, international metropolis, a scenic tourist destination or a city enthused with history. Hence, if one wants to book cheap airfares to Washington, contact iBookair at 1-88-898-0053.


Popular Airlines to Washington

The most popular airlines to Washington include United Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, Southwest, Alaska Airlines and more. Hence book your cheap airfare to Washington and fly now!


Best Time to Visit

One should book their cheap airfare to Washington from September to November and March to May. This time is not a touristy time, thus one will find here less crowd. One can also see the National Cherry Blossom Festival in late March and early April. Thus, all one has to do is book their cheap airfare to Washington with the aid of iBookair


Best Places to Stay

 Foggy Bottom

If one is visiting Washington for the first time, then this is the place to stay. This is a government and cultural hub. This area is also linked to the 1970’s scandal. Nonetheless, here one will find upscale restaurants to casual eating places. Book your cheap airfare to Washington with iBookair!

 Logan Circle

 If one is under a budget then Logan Circle is the place to go. It has the trendiest neighborhoods, hip restaurants, gay bars and also craft beer pubs! One will also witness here many performances, and one can also take acting lessons at Logan Circle.

Dupont Circle

 Now if you are one to party and stay up till late, then Dupont Circle is the place. Apart from the night clubs, one can also find here good dining areas and eateries. One can sit here in coffee shops, bookstores, and bars on Connecticut Avenue. The Phillips Collection showcases impressionist and modern paintings. Thus, book your cheap airfare, and fly down to Washington to stay in the best places possible!


Best Place to Eat

Rose’s Luxury

Rose's Luxury menu has a lot of variety. Here one will find food ranging from Japanese, Jewish, and French. The food is homely and tastes like your grandmother’s home-cooked food. The menu keeps changing, thus removing the monotony. One should definitely try their fried chicken with honey and sesame seeds! However, if you’re with a large group of people then try the smoked brisket dinner.

 Little Serow

Little Serow place was opened by a man named Komi. This restaurant took inspiration from northern Thailand. If one pays $45 they end up getting a family meal comprising of seven dishes. The menu changes every week. One should keep in mind that the restaurants can take in up to four people and they don’t take reservations. The staff will let you know when a seat is available.

Thus, if one is seeking cheap airfare to Washington, contact iBookair


 Transportation in Washington

Old Town Trolley

Old Trolley will take one to more than 100 of the most relevant sights in the city. These include memorials, monuments, museums, and other historical attractions. One can hop on and hop off as they wish. The conductors will also happily share their knowledge and information of the area, thus you will be exposed to many fun facts


 The subway is a great way of getting around. Fare cards can be purchased online in order to make the travel process faster. However, one should keep in mind that the fares around rush hours are expensive. One should also grab a pocket guide so that they can figure where and when they need to get off.


The bus is another way of getting around! However, during the traffic hour riding the bus can get hectic and thus we suggest that one should take the bus during off-peak hours. This being from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm or after 7 pm.

Apart from the above one can also call for a cab. However the fares can be pretty expensive, so we suggest one to use them only when there is an urgency. One can also simply walk or rent a bike. In case one does rent a bike – they’d be provided with helmets and detailed instructions!


Nightlife in Washington 

Washington is also known for its nightlife. Thus, book your cheap airfare now and immerse in the nightlife scene at Washington.

 9:30 Club

9:30 Club is known for being a habitat where famous and rising stars perform to a massive crowd. The audience is massive, even then 9:30 club is spacious and has a balcony as well. The view from this club is great, no matter where one is standing!

Howard Theatre

 If one is visiting the Howard Theatre one should make sure to dress up well. It doesn’t matter if one is going for gospel brunch or the dance party, they should be dressed well. It has hosted many acts of popular performers – ranging from R&B, pop, and other genres!


Fly to Washington DC

Thus, wait no longer and book cheap airfare to Washington with the aid of iBookair. Here, one’s dream of an economical and budgeted vacation will come true. Do remember to click as many pictures as possible!

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