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Before we delve further into how we can provide one with airline tickets for discounted rates, Let us exemplify and unearth more information on Aeromexico and why this airline is the best for your travels!


Offers and Deals of ibookair

Aeromexico is not your ordinary flight; it has, without doubt, won many thoughtful awards including “Best Airline in Latin America”. With, one can travel this luxurious flight with discounted rates. This flight makes no distinction and takes utter care of its passengers. The astounding part is that Aeromexico has domestic and international flights across the US, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Don’t hesitate and book Aeromexico flights on for a cheap flight and to gain airline tickets with discounted rates.


Why book Aeromexico through ibookair?

We at promise one that their trip with Aeromexico would be a delight and a comfortable one. Apart from discounted rates and being able to travel cheap, we take full responsibility on the luxury one will experience with Aeromexico.

There will come across not even one moment when the passenger would not be okay with the price they paid. For discounted rates, one will be provided exciting movies, music and games on-board! Aeromexico doesn’t only think about the adults but proves children special kits – making them involved and letting their free spirit fly.

There is everything for everyone! Here, one will also get a taste for different cuisines, and get complimentary snacks and cocktails. So, what are you still thinking – Book Aeromexico right now through to avail cheap flights with discounted rates?


 Web-Check-in Process

Every flight has a web check-in process. Booking a flight through not only provides one with airline tickets at discounted rates but also lays down and explains its passengers the easy way to go about the check-in.

If you’re a passenger of Aeromexico then there is no need to stand in long lines, one can, in fact, choose their seat from their homes using the internet. However, one needs to keep in mind that the online check-in time should be from 36 hours to 2 hours before the flight is supposed to depart.

Thus, not only does provide one with easy and cheap travel, but also asserts that Aeromexico is a promising flight that will surely not disappoint.


Baggage Policy 

The first step of booking the flight through is completed. Now what? We are going to elaborate on the baggage policy for this discounted travel and help one’s travel be easy and without any hassles.

In case of hand luggage – Aeromexico allows its passengers traveling domestically to carry 2 bags in hand luggage. In terms of the weight, one is allowed 10 kilograms for both the bags. The maximum dimensions allowed are 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm)

For international flights, passengers are allowed to carry one bag within 18 kgs. The maximum dimensions of 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm).

In case of checked-in luggage – Apart from traveling cheap and at discounted rates through, let us also understand the policy for checked-in luggage. Those traveling to Mexico can carry up to 25 kgs of luggage in the Tourist Cabin, and around 32 Kgs in Premier Class. If one is traveling international then one can carry 23 kgs in the Tourist Cabin and around 32 kgs in Premier Class.

Hence, not only makes travel possible at discounted rates but also lays down the best airlines to travel with. In case of any query contact Aeromexico helpline at 1-888-898-0053.


Different Seats and Classes 

While booking cheap travel tickets through, one gets the option to choose what class and seats would one want to travel by. The basic classes that the airplane caters to are Economy Class, Premium Economy and Business Class in Widebody Jets. However, in the Narrowbody Jets one witnesses Economy and Business class.

Through, one can be at the comfort of their home and fly cheap choosing the class they’d want to travel by. If you’re feeling rich – book the business class and delve in the luxuries it provides.


Infant Policy loves children and thus when you book a ticket with us, not only do we provide one with flights having discounted rates but also flights which have good infant policy.

Most infant policies are very similar. If the child is not two years of age then he/she can sit on the parent's lap. However, if the parents have brought in two children who are below two years of age, then one seat will need to be purchased.

Also, who said birthdays were always a happy time? At least not those who travel with a child who turns two right at the date of flying back from a holiday. If that is the scenario, then a ticket will have to be purchased for the infant.


Pets Policy

At we are pet lovers, who love to feed the stray on and off. For us two things are important – discounted rates and pets! Thus, we are going to elaborate on Aeromexico's pet policy. Like most flights, one’s pet can be either checked in as baggage or be put at the passenger cabin.

However, one has to keep in mind certain things such as – only domesticated cats, dogs, and small birds are allowed. The pet should be able to remain in the kennel and shows no sign of aggression. One should also carry their pets required health documents that will be needed by the destination. Apart from that the kennel also needs to be built well, and cause no problems of the animal in it.


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