Hawaiian Airlines

Travel with Style on Hawaiian Airlines

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Hawaiian Airlines History

Founded in 1929, this airline is one of the oldest and credible ones. It is very safe and takes care of all their passengers with great care. This airline covers various locations including Asia, Australia, America Samoa, New Zealand, and the United States mainland. Connected with ibookair, Hawaiian Airline is providing the best deals available! And we at ibookair promise our passengers a fulfilling journey.


Why book Hawaiian Airlines?

A passenger of Hawaiian Airlines will never get bored in their journey. The best part about this flight is the dining experience. The cuisines vary and are very delectable. Passengers traveling by First and Business class can get access to various movies, music, games and more! One can also occupy themselves with magazines, books, and other required needs.


Web Check-in Process

Thanks to the various technological advancements, one doesn’t have to stand in long lines to check-in. There is now an easy process called the internet! All one needs to do is log on to the site, choose your seat and finally print the boarding pass. The web check-in facilities begin 24 hours before the flight is supposed to depart. Want to get the best deals at Hawaiian Airlines? Book with ibookair now!


Baggage Policies

Everyone is aware that if one carries excess baggage, then they will have to pay a certain amount of fee. Baggage policies are different for hand luggage and checked-in luggage

Baggage Policy for Hand Luggage

In Hawaiian Airlines one can carry 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item. Carry-on must not exceed 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) including handles and wheels.

Baggage Policy for Checked-in Luggage

In the case of domestic flights, the 1st and 2nd bags are free of charge in the first class. In fact, the baggage fee is applied to luggage that is a maximum of 157 linear cms (length + width + height) and of maximum 50 lbs in weight. If one is traveling by international flights the baggage dimensions should be 157 linear cms (length + width + height) and of maximum 50 lbs in weight. 1st and 2nd bags are free of charge in case of international flights.


Different Seats and Classes

This airline id not only for one but all! This one can foresee with the different classes and seats that are available.

Economy Class is for those who want to travel economically

Business Class is for people who would like to travel in luxury and spend some money on their travels

First Class is basically the best seats, and the luxury and comfort levels are unquestionable.


Infant Policy 

One cannot imagine vacations without their babies. The good news is that infants ( children below 2 years of age ) can travel on a lap. The person on whose lap the baby would be -  should be at at least 18 years of age on the domestic flight and 16 years of age on the international flight

In case, one is traveling with more than one infant policy, then a ticket will need to be purchased for the second child.

If one is traveling internationally then the child will be charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight.


Pet Policy

One can take their pets with them! They can travel either in the passenger cabin, checked in with baggage or can be shipped in as cargo!

In case one wants their pet to travel in the passenger cabin, then certain points need to be kept in mind: the pet policy should be domesticated and should show no signs of aggressive behavior, the kennel should meet all requirements and all required health documents should be carried

Pets checked in with baggage:  the animal should be domesticated and should be able to stay in the kennel throughout the trip, all health documents should be carried, and you should not be traveling on a direct flight to Maui. The fees associated with pets depends on the kennel size, weight, destination, and method of transport.


Refund and the Cancellation Policy

In case one wants to cancel their ticket within 24 hours of purchase, then the entire refund will be given, and there will be no cancellation penalty.

However, if one has gone beyond 24 hours the refund will depend on the ticket type. Some tickets do not allow for a refund, while in some refund and the cancellation can be provided along with a cancellation fee.


Fly with Hawaiian Airlines!

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly with Hawaiian Airlines. At ibookair, we provide one with cheap and discounted airlines. Come pay a visit to us and find a range of cheap and discounted flight deals. Happy journey!