KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Planning a vacation can become quite tiresome. Deciding which flight to take, whether pets are allowed, what are the good packages and deals? In case one wants to escape from this tension-filled environment, and enter into a hassle-free zone, then come to ibookair.com! Here one can book KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and find various deals and offers attached to it.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 

KLM Airlines was founded in 1919. A very fascinating fact is that it is the oldest airline in the world which is operating under its original name. It also has many subsidiary flights and this particular flight flies to about 130 destinations in 69 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. A passenger-friendly flight and providing all sorts of entertainment – book KLM Royal Dutch Airlines now! Only at ibookair.com!


Why book KLM Royal Dutch Airlines through ibookair?

As mentioned this is one of the oldest flights and the phrase old is gold does apply here without any doubt. Apart from being punctual, the cabin crew makes certain that all passengers (being from the economy class or business class) are well taken care of. “The first time I traveled by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, I knew I couldn’t travel any other way”, said a passenger booking her tickets.


Web Check-in Process

The web check-in process at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made easy through ibookair.com. With the advancement of technology, one can check in through mobile, or by the usage of the internet. Yes, one doesn’t have to stand in long lines and wait till their turn. One can easily check-in from the comforts of their home, office or even a café!

For internet check-in, there are certain terms that should be followed

• If traveling to/from the U.S., check-in between 24 hours to 1 hour prior to your departure time.
• If traveling to Mumbai or from Ethiopia, Kenya, or Sudan, check-in 1.5-30 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
• If traveling from any other location, check-in 1-30 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
• You have an electronic ticket for a confirmed reservation.
• You are not traveling in a group larger than 9 people.
• You are not a special needs passenger (ie. Unaccompanied Minor).

The baggage policy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Learn no through ibookair.com.There is a different baggage policy concerning the carry-on baggage and checked-in baggage.


Carry –on Baggage

A person traveling by the economy class is allowed to carry one bag and one personal item. Business-class passengers are allowed to carry two carry- on bags and one personal item.

Checked-in baggage

• Economy class: 1 piece not exceeding 50.5 lbs/23 kg and 62in/158 cm (length + width + height)
• Business-class: 2 pieces not exceeding 70.5 lbs/32 kg and 62in/158 cm (length + width + height) each
• Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum members; SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members: one extra piece based on their travel class with           corresponding weight and size restrictions


Different Seats and Classes

  • This airline caters to all parts of the society and hence contains the Economy Class, Premium Economy, and Business Class.
  • Economy class is meant for those who would rather spend and splurge on the destination then on their travel ticket.
  • Premium Economy is a better class, which allows for certain changes to take place.
  • Business Class as we all know is the best class and people who’d like to splurge on their travel can book business class tickets!


Infant policy 

Most infant policies are the same for all airlines. If your child is below the age of 2 then he/ she can sit on the parent's lap and a ticket does not need to be purchased. The flight should be informed in advance. If the couple is carrying more than one child who is below the age of two, then a ticket will need to be purchased for the second infant. Travel internationally with infants A child under two years old (24 months) is usually charged a discounted fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight.


 Pet Policy

Today, people can travel with their pets. The pets policy can either be put in the passenger cabin, checked in as baggage, or shipped as cargo.

In case the pet is put in the passenger cabin –

The pet will have to be in the kennel throughout the trip and show no signs of aggressive behavior

In case the pet is checked in as baggage-

Snub-nosed animals like boxers, pugs, bulldogs, and Persian cats can have trouble breathing due to the high temperature, and hence one should try to carry their snub-nosed animals as cargo


Cancellation and Refund Policy 

In case one wants to cancel their ticket and ask for a refund there are several conditions to it –

1) If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking
2) Your flight was canceled and you did not take an alternative flight
3) Your KLM ticket allows for a refund. A cancellation fee may apply
4) On an intra-European itinerary if your flight was delayed more than 90 minutes and your outbound and return flights were scheduled on the same  day
5) Your intercontinental KLM flight was delayed more than 3 hours.
6) In the event of the death of the passenger.

In case of any query contact the sales team or 24/7 customer care at 1-888-898-0053