Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways was founded in 1993 and is fully owned by the Qatar government. It operates from Hamad International Airport and is said to cover around 150 destinations. Thus, this airline is said to be highly popular with the passengers and is efficient and punctual. Hence, passengers only have good things to say about Qatar and its warm and welcoming nature.


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The Cancellation and Change Policy

Above all, the cancellation and change policy of Qatar Airways is very basic. If one wants to cancel their flight a cancelation fee will have to be paid. For example, if I want to cancel my domestic travel then a fee of $200 should be paid plus taxes. In case, I want to cancel International then a $300 will have to be paid plus the taxes.


The Web-Check-in Process

Thus, the web check-in process in Qatar is very simple. Of course, there is no difficulty at all, and one doesn’t have to stand in long lines to get their cheap airfare and flight deals. One can check-in online between 36 hours and 90 minutes before the flight departs.

There are some basic requirements for online check-in

Hence, all those who have confirmed booking can use the service

Of course, they should have the passport and Privilege Club card

Thus, after checking in online one can print their boarding pass and send it to their mobile or email.


The Infant Policy

The infant policy at Qatar Airways has good news to showcase. If the child is below two years of age then he can sit on the passenger's lap and a ticket will not need to be purchased. However, if the same passenger is carrying more than two infants – a ticket will have to be purchased for the second child. Thus, to know more about the infant policy and charges contact iBookair


The Pet Policy

The pet policy at Qatar allows for pets to be carried. However, there are exceptions like falcons, and service dogs. They cannot be carried in the cabin and will be required to check-in at as cargo. Passengers can carry only one falcon and that too only in the Economy Class. To prevent the bird from flying a chain should be attached to one of the bird's legs. Thus, good news for passengers who want to carry their pets!


The Baggage Policy

Thus, the baggage Policy at Qatar is different for carrying on Luggage and Checked-in luggage

Carry on luggage

Nevertheless, first-class passengers can carry only 2 pieces. It should not exceed 15 kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm)

The Business Class passengers can carry only 2 pieces and again should not exceed 15 kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm)

Thus, Finally, The Economy Class passengers can carry only 1 piece and weight should not exceed 7 kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm)


Checked-in baggage

The policy for flights to and from Brazil

A passenger can carry 2 pieces, where the weight should not go beyond 32 kg. The maximum dimension should be 62in (158 cm)

The policy for flights between Brazil and Argentina

Hence, the passenger can carry two pieces each and make sure the weight should not exceed 23 kg. The maximum dimension of 62 in (158 cm) 

The policy for all other flights to and from Argentina, Canada, and the U.S:

First and Business Class can carry only 2 pieces each. The weight should not exceed 32 kg and dimension 62in/ 158cm

The Economy Class also can carry only two pieces and not exceed 23 kg. The maximum dimensions 62in/ 158cm

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The Various Seats and Classes

Hence, Qatar Airways caters to all kinds of passengers, and thus there are various seats and classes.  First comes the Economy Class which is basic and economical. Then comes the Business Class which is more expensive and comfortable as well. Finally, comes the First Class which is like a private suite and the chairs turn to flatbeds!


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