Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Vacation is the best time in one’s life. The photographs, the memories, the experiences all contained in one’s short life. We at ibookair help in making memories, not only for the rich but also for those who desire an economical getaway! We are tied with Singapore Airlines, and provide our passengers with the best and discounted offers.


Singapore Airlines History

This airline was founded in 1947. The astounding and applauding part being that this airline flies to about 65 destinations in about 35 countries. This airline contains seats for all kinds of people. Thus, if one is looking for best and discounted deals with Singapore Airlines then pay a visit to


Why book Singapore Airlines at ibookair

Being an extremely old and renowned airline, many people see this as safe and passenger-friendly. “ As soon as I sat on this airline, I knew I was safe, and nothing wrong could happen”. Apart from its safety and punctuality, it also has a passenger-friendly attitude and the crew distinguishes with no one!


Web Check-in Process 

One can web check-in easily due to the advancement of technology. Yes, one does not have to stand in long lines anymore! One can check-in and choose their seats ( and meal option) within the comforts of their home, office or even a café! This is through the internet and mobile check-in! In case of internet and mobile check-in, one can do it 2 to 48 hours before the flight departs. 


Baggage Policy 

An excess fee will have to be paid in case the weight of the baggage is more than it should be. Apart from that, there are different policies related to Carry-on baggage and Checked-in baggage


Carry on baggage

An economy class person can carry only 1 bag, while a first/business class passenger can carry 2 bags!

  • Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Trolley bag: 22"x16"x8"

  • Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Briefcase: 20"x16"x10"

  • Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Garment Bag: 45"x8"

  • Maximum Weight of Carry-on Luggage: 15 lb/7 kg


Checked-in baggage

For those who are traveling to or from Brazil and The US:

  • They are allowed only 2 bags

  • Maximum Dimensions:

62 linear inches/157cm

  • Maximum Weight (Brazil):

70 lb/32 kg

  • Maximum Weight (US):

51 lb/23 kg for Economy 

  • Maximum Weight (US):

70 lb/32kg for First Class/Suites


For those traveling to all other destinations

  • Maximum Weight for Economy Class Passengers:      66 lb/30 kg total

  • Maximum Weight for Business Class Passengers:        88 lb/40 kg total

  • Maximum Weight for Suite/First Class Passengers:    110 lb/50 kg total


Various Seats and Classes

Various seats and classes in Singapore Airline. Economy Class for those looking for reasonable and economical fares. Premium Economy for those looking for better seats and better amenities. Business Class for those who wish to travel in luxury and style. Finally, First Class – this is like a private suite and for those who are willing to splurge!


Infant Policy

A couple carrying one infant ( below the age of two years) does not need to purchase a ticket, as the child can sit on the lap. However, the airline needs to be informed in advance. 

If the couple carrying more than two infants ( below the age of two) then a ticket needs to be purchased for the second child

In case one is traveling internationally with their infant, then one would usually be charged a percentage of an adult fare plus taxes

If one has any questions then contact our 24/7 customer care at 1-888-898-0053 and call us for call only deals!


Pet Policy 

Pet Policy, Here the pet can be shipped as cargo, or put along with checked-in baggage. However, one cannot put their pets in the passenger cabin except for guide dogs! If one wants to travel with their pets then certain things need to be kept in mind – Pets must be above 6 months old, snub-nosed dogs are not allowed, Some crossbreeds like terriers, boxers, pugs, etc are not allowed. The pet will have to stay in the kennel throughout the flight. One should also carry all the required health documents for their pets. 


Refund and the Cancellation Policy

If one cancels their ticket within 24 hours of booking then a full refund will be provided. Apart from this, the refund depends on the ticket type. In most cases when the ticket is refunded, a cancellation fee is applied as well. 

If one has any questions then contact our 24/7 customer care at 1-888-898-0053 and call us for call only deals!